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Local, high quality eggs and packaging


Recent years have seen major changes in the legislation concerning the production and sale of eggs. These changes have often required the updating of equipment and premises, and these additional costs have forced many egg suppliers and wholesalers to consider their future in the industry.


Rather than cease trading, many egg suppliers have found that having their eggs produced and/or packed elsewhere allows them to continue in business without the worry of maintaining their own premises and equipment, or employing production staff.


John Coulthurst Ltd, our egg packaging arm operating at Kenyons Farm can take the weight of packaging production for you, supplying you with the eggs and/or the custom egg boxes you require.

Great value egg packaging in Blackpool, Leeds and all of the North West from John Coulthurst Ltd, part of the Kenyons Farm Eggs family!

We have a wide range of packaging options, including custom packs. For more information, email us or call

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Custom packaging allows you to print your own brand name and information on to your packaging in your own colour scheme, ensuring maximum 'on-shelf' impact.


A list of general requirements and options is printed below to help you when considering moving into custom packaging:


Minimum Order Quantities


Normally between 60 and 120 parcels (12,000 to 24,000 dozen eggs) depending on exact requirements. It may be possible for us to store part of this for you and deliver in smaller amounts.


Pack Types


•   Moulded Pulp - 6 egg, 10 egg, 12 egg, 15 egg and 18 egg

•   Pulp Labelled Egg Cartons - 6 egg, 10 egg, 12 egg


Note that labelled egg cartons come ready to use - no additional labour is required to apply label.


Pack Colour


Various pack colours are available. Grey and white are the most popular with other colours subject to availability.


Ink Colours


Most packs can be printed in up to four colours on top and either one or two colours on the side. In-lid printing is also available where required. Labelled cartons offer photographic reproduction with unlimited colour.

Custom Packaging

Speak to us about your requirements and get a free, no-obligation quote!

Artwork Charges


Artwork charges are dependent on design - usually between £150 and £300 per print.




Company logos, photographs, etc. can usually be incorporated. An outline sketch or verbal description is usually all that is required to start the design process. Amendments can be made later and no packs are produced until you give final approval to the design.


Lead Time


Please allow additional time for your first order to allow for design setup - preferably 6/8 weeks before the packs will be required.


If you require any other information about our packaging or British Lion eggs, don't hesitate to contact John Coulthurst Ltd.

Eggs in a tray Eggs in a carton Purple egg carton containing 6 eggs Purple, pink & green egg cartons